Race Night News

Charity Fundraising Race Night:
Feb 5: Great success at the Bull Ring with £2,200 raised for Barnardos Charity.

School Fundraising Race Night:
Mar 5:  Superb fundraising race night for Willow Primary School with £1,900 raised.

Charity Fundraising Race Night:
Apr 20:  £1,700 raised for Leucemia research in the Town Hall.

Birthday Party Race Night:
Dec 26:  Great fun had by the Smith family in Birmingham plus a small charity amount of £248 for donation.

Corporate Fundraising:
Oct 16:  Great success at the EDF corporate event in London with £800 funds raised.

Club Fundraising Race Night:
Jun 20:  The Wanderers raised £1,800 with an 8 race race night pack and made another £600 at the bar.

School Fundraising Birningham:
Mar 14:  Horse racing Race Night for the primary school was great success with £800 raised and great fun.

Race NightsHorse Racing

Race nights are fun and they get people together and raise money too. The races  come be with horses, pigs, greyhounds, and there are also virtual race nights with animated cartoon snails and cockroaches which are great fun. 

A professional race night company will provide a kit with everything you need to run the event.  One supplier even offers packs which have a virtual host in the race night dvd who runs the show for you. All you should need is a projector to throw the races onto a large screen.

Another great thing about race nights is that they are self financing.  You can collect sponsorship money for the runners and the races before the event which will easily cover the cost of hiring the race night dvd pack. Most race night organisers make a profit before the event even starts. The race night packs generally come with everything you will need to run your event with all the paperwork and tickets personalised for you.

Charity Fundraising

Most professional websites have poster wizards on their site so you can advertise your event. At the event you'll need a projector a screen (or a white wall), a cash float at the tote table, betting tickets, the race cards, the race night dvd and a dvd player to play it.  Tickets are sold from a 'tote table' and helpers will be needed to sell the tickets. One should be appointed as supervisor to calculate the payouts. It's easy to do but there is free tote payout calculators available which you might find useful if you are unsure.  Sponsors of the runners and races get to name their own runner or race and most will use fun names which makes the event even more fun.

How a Race Night works

Money is raised from sponsorship before the event then at the event from the betting and also there is normally an auction in the last race which raises even more money.  In a race night there are normally 8 races each with 8 runners.  Most professional race night suppliers have race night poster templates on their sites to help you publicise your event.

Sponsors of runners win a prize if their runner wins the race and sponsors of races - generally businesses get publicity.  Sponsorship of a runner might usually be £5 and of a race £50. In this case £720 can be raised before the event starts and the organisers can order and pay for hire of the race night pack, the hire of the venue and any equipment that might be needed.

For the betting the tickets are sold at £1 each in every race and all of the betting money is divided in half.  Half goes to the charity and the remainder is shared amongst the winning tickets. With 100 people each betting an average of £2 a race this raises about £100 per race which makes another £800 in total (so a cumulative amount of £1520).

In the last race the runners are auctioned and the winning runner's owner takes half of the total auction amount. Bidding can easily reach £200 per runner with a boisterous audience so  the winnings can be quite substantial -  as can the funds raised. Conservatively with an average bid of £50, £200 would be raised for the winner and £200 for the charity.- making a grand total of £1720 from which to deduct expenses.

That's it in a nutshell- its just so easy!  In fact Race Nights are probably the best of all fundraising ideas!